A Closer Look at NFL Fans State-By-State

So the question is, how much is your football team loved? In the state of Texas the Dallas Cowboys rule. The state of California is all about the San Francisco 49ers. The entire northeast part of the country is all about the New England Patriots.

But what about the rest of the country? By taking a look at the map infographic below you will see some shocking results. For example, did you know that the Denver Broncos were the most popular team in at least five states? Or did you know that the Green Bay Packers are liked anywhere out of the state of Wisconsin?

Or how about Florida? Is there a team in the entire state that dominates the fan base? Or what about the Washington Redskins? Being that the team is located in the nation’s capital, you would think they would have a more prominent fan base.

So after looking at the map below, which team do you think is the most popular in the National Football League?


Graphic source: Pinterest