Are Roger Goodell And Robert Kraft BFF’s Again?

In an astonishing, almost unimaginable turn of events in the National Football League, it seems as if Commissioner Roger Goodell and Patriots owner Robert Kraft were able to set aside their differences with regards to the Deflategate scandal that has rocked the football world if but for a moment. It seems, according to some accounts, the two were spotted wrapping their arms around one another in some sort of sign of camaraderie or cordiality. It’s unclear exactly when this moment happened, how long the alleged hug lasted for, and in what context the hug was had, but ESPN’s resident NFL guru Adam Schefter was all over it on Tuesday morning, while the NFL and its 32 owners were preparing to meet at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco for the Spring League Meeting:

Photo source: Pinterest

It’s still unclear what the “long conversation” on the couch was all about, though one can only think back to their middle school dance days when they were sitting off to the side with their “girlfriend,” while everyone else was dancing the late afternoon away (you were always too ashamed of your “dance moves” to get out on the floor yourself), waiting for the DJ to break up the awkward silence with a slow song. There was some chit chat sprinkled in there—“What’d you have for lunch today?” or “What do you think of that new [insert favorite pop singer/band] CD?” or “Hey, I’m gonna make you a mix tape!”—but the rest of the time was filled with just silence and maybe a little hand-holding. That’s what I imagine the Goodell-Kraft encounter to have been like.

Keep up the great work, Schefty.