The NFL Keeps Making Money Despite Its Ugly Image at Times

The National Football League makes plenty of money on a regular basis, even though the league has an ugly image. Sure, a football game can be an entertaining event, but on the sidelines, couches have been accused of cheating, players are caught up in domestic abuse charges, and some players have been accused of murder. In fact, this past season was horrible for the NFL’s public image. The season started about as badly as possible with Commissioner Roger Goodell under fire from fans, commentators and sponsors for the league’s response to domestic violence charges against several star players.


According to a new report, the National Football League doesn’t control what players do when they are not on the field, but with reports of concussions and performance-enhancing drugs, it is possible that the league wants to improve its image.

But just because the league looks bad doesn’t mean it is losing money. As the season winds down and league prepares for Super Bowl XLIX, it’s becoming clear that the NFL’s major revenue streams all grew, suggesting that profits will rise from a record of about $1 billion it earned last year.

Attendance was up about 2% at stadiums, while average ticket prices rose 3.5%, according to Team Marketing Report. It could have had something to with the Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl last year, as it was a team who no one really expected to win.

In addition, the NFL is also making money through advertising in the half-time show at the Super Bowl. The league is charging $4.5 million for a simple 30-second commercial, which appears to be very expensive. But it sonds like the league wants to address these horrible issues that affect the image. But with a supposedly cheating scandal with deflated balls, this may take a while.

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