How did Arsenal win 3-2 against Leicester City?

The Gunners were in a good mood after the victory over the Foxes. The team had a good game and managed to get a result.
3-2 was a good result for the team. The players were able to show their maximum in the game.
The main goal for the club was to get into the Champions League zone. The main problem for the Gunners was the lack of motivation. The fans were not satisfied with the results of the team and the lackadaisical approach of the players.

Arsenal is a team that is able to score a lot of goals. The club has a number of players who can score goals in a row. The problem for Arsenal is the lack in the number of goalscoring players. The following players are the main culprits for the lack:
* Lukas Fabianski;
* Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang;

* Granit Xhaka.
It is important to note that the team has a good bench. The Gunners have a good selection of players and can play a good match.
However, the main problem of the club is the fact that the players are not able to take the necessary actions in the match. It is not enough to score goals. It’s also important to make the team’ players look good. This is what the players have to do.
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How to watch Arsenal live scores?
The team has not been in the Champions league for a long time. The last time the team participated in the competition was in the season of 2012/13. The previous season, the Gunner’ team was very successful. They won the champion title.
In the current season, Arsenal has a difficult task. The current champion of England is Manchester City. The Citizens are a good team and are able to beat any team in the world.
Arsenal has a lot to prove. The coach wants to prove that he can lead the team to the Champions cup. The Arsenal players have a lot on their plate, so they have to play well and score goals as often as possible.
If the Gunns can do this, then the team will be able to win the title. The fact that they are in the top 4 is a good sign for the future.
Live scores of the games of the Gunnlivescores
The current season of the Champions is not the best for the Arsenal. The English Premier League is a very tough competition for the teams. The leaders of the league are:
• Chelsea;
• Liverpool;
· Manchester City;
The last time Arsenal won the Champions was in 2007. The season was very difficult for the players of the London Arsenal.
After the victory, the team was able to get the title of the best team in England. However, the club has not won the title for a few years now.
Despite the fact, the Arsenal has been in a bad situation for a while now. The results of Arsenal are not good. The lack of results is due to the following reasons:
1. Lack of motivation of the coach.
2. Lack in the squad.
Many of the leaders are not in the best shape. The number of injuries in the team is also a problem.
There are a lot reasons for the poor results of Arsene Wenger’. The situation of the Arsenal is not good and the team needs to change the situation.
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Who will win the Champions?
After winning the title, the current champion has a tough task. This season, Manchester City is also in a difficult position. The City is in a very difficult position and needs to win a lot.
This season, there is a lot at stake for the Citizens. They need to win gold medals and get into a higher position in the league table.
Manchester City is a great team. It has a great lineup and is able not only to win, but also to finish in the first place. The squad of the Citizens is very strong and can take advantage of any mistake of the opponent.
Among the main competitors of the City, there are: ​​
* Chelsea; ​​* Liverpool; ​
* Manchester United;
However the main competitor of the current champions is the team of Manchester United. The Red Devils have a numberof players who are able not to play in the attack line of the Guardiola’ squad. However the team does not have a great coach. The United players are also not in a great shape.
At the end of the season, it will be very difficult to get to the first position of the English Premier league. The Champions League is also very important for the Red Devils. The game against Barcelona is very important and will decide the fate of the champion.
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