Mourinho: I would have kicked Neymar and Cavani off the pitch

The Portuguese coach has already managed to get a number of players off the field.
It is now time for the team to try to win.
However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the team has not won a trophy for a long time.
The team has been in the Champions League zone for a year, and the previous season it was in the Europa League zone.
This time, the team is in the group stage of the Champions league, where it will have to fight against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United.
In the Europa league, the main goal of the team was to get into the top 4.
But the team did not manage to achieve this.
As a result, it lost to the team from the Netherlands.
Now, the Portuguese coach is trying to get the team into the Champions club.
He has already given some instructions to the players, and it is now up to them to carry them out.
“We’ll see how the team will perform in the next matches. If we’re able to get in the top-4, then we”ll be able to take advantage of the fact the the Champions’ cup is a real chance to win the Europa cup.

The main thing is that the players will have the opportunity to show their best game.
They have already managed this, and they are ready to do their best.
One of the main problems for the players is the fact they have not played in the Premier league for so long.
That is why they have to be at their best in the matches against the main teams.
Moreover, the players have to take the initiative and make the best of the situation.
If they manage to get out of the group, then they will have a chance to get to the next stage.
There, they will face the teams from the Champions, Europa and the Premier League.
Of course, they have a real fight ahead, but they have the necessary experience to do it.
Real Madrid is the main rival of the players.
At the moment, the Madrid team has a good lineup, and this is the reason why they are able to win gold medals.
All the results of the matches of the Spanish team can be found on the website of sports statistics.
You can always find the latest news on the results and statistics of the teams and players.

However the team does not have a good chance of winning the Champions cup, because it is not in the best form.
Also, the club has not managed to win a number 1, which is another reason for the failure.
Manchester United is the team that the Spanish players will be fighting against.
Despite the fact it is in a poor shape, the Red Devils have a great lineup, which they are trying to use in the upcoming matches.
Another key player of the club is the goalkeeper of the United, David De Gea.
His performance in the games of the Manchester United has been really good.
After the goalkeeper’s mistake, the result of the match was disastrous.
Therefore, the United are ready for the fight.
Their main goal is to get through to the second round.
For this, they need to be in the fight for the Europa and Champions cups.
Thus, they should not lose points in the remaining matches. The main thing for the club’ s success is the selection of the right players. This is why it is so important to have a coach who can motivate the players and make them play their best for the whole match.
Team’ ‘s chances of winning a trophy
The Manchester United have a very good lineup.
Among the main players of the Red devils are:
* De Geay;
* Martial;
* Pogba.
These players have already won a number one trophy.
So, they can do it again.
Many of the leaders of the squad are already in their prime, and if they are not in top form, then it is impossible to win any trophy. This is the key to the success of the management of Jose Mourinho.
Every match of the season, the Mourinho’ team has the opportunity of winning gold medals, which will be a real challenge for the main rivals of the Portuguese.
Main rival of Manchester United is Liverpool, which has the following players:
1. Klopp;
2. Salah;
3. Mane.
Liverpool is a team that can be called the main favorite of the upcoming season.
Because of this, the Reds are ready not only to fight for gold medals but also to win other trophies.
Such a team is the most likely to win at the end of the tournament.
On the website, you can always follow the results, as well as the statistics of all the matches that the Liverpool have played.
Here, you will find the results not only of the games with the main competitors of the Reds, but also of other teams. It is easy to follow the events of the game, because the information is updated in real time. The information on the site is updated not only about the results but also about the statistics. Thus, you always know the results in full.

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