United told to pay £200m for Dybala – Are they right to reject him?

The transfer window is almost over, and the transfer market is already flooded with rumours. The latest one concerns the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus to Manchester United. The Portuguese has been one of the best players of the Old Signora for several years now, and his transfer would be a great boost to the Red Devils.

However, the club has already rejected the offer of the Portuguese and now it is up to the fans to decide whether the club should pay the price for this mistake or not.
The Portuguese is one of those players who have become a real star in the shortest time, and he is now one of many players who can be bought for a reasonable price. The main thing is that the club must pay the money for him, otherwise it will be very difficult to compete with the leaders of the Premier League.
It is worth noting that the transfer cost the club around £200 million. The club will have to pay a large amount of money for this player, and this is why the club will not be able to compete for the gold medals.
Will Manchester United Sign Ronaldo?
The club has a long history of signing players, and they have managed to do it for several seasons now. The transfer of Ronaldo would be another proof of their ability to do this.
However the Portuguese is not the only player who can become a star in a short time. The Red Devils have already signed:
· Cristiano Wijnaldum;
· Jorginho;
· Paul Pogba.
All of them are already very good players, but they have not yet become stars. The fact is that they are still young, and it is still too soon to expect them to become the main stars of the team.
If the club does not pay the transfer fee for Ronaldo, then it will have a hard time competing with the top clubs. The cost of signing a new player is high, but the club can afford it. The team has already signed a number of players, so it can afford to pay the cost of the transfer.
Manchester United is a great club that can compete with its rivals, so the fans can expect to see a lot of interesting transfers this summer.
English Premier League Table
The English Premier League is one the best championships in the world. It is the main tournament of the English football league system, and every season it attracts the best football players from all over the world, who are ready to fight for the title.
This season, the top 4 teams of the league are:
1. Manchester United – the Red devils are the main contender for the champion title. The squad of Jose Mourinho is strong, and if they do not win the title, then they will be able not to compete against the leaders for the next season.
2. Chelsea – the Blues are the second team in the standings, and their main competitor is Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs are also a strong team, but their main strength is the young players.
3. Arsenal – the Gunners are the third team in England, and have a good chance of winning the champion trophy.
In the current season, Arsenal has a good opportunity to win the championship, because they have a lot more chances to win than the other teams.
Who Will Be the Champion?
Now, the main question is who will be the champion. The fans have already seen a lot from the team, and now they have to decide who will become the champion and who will get relegated.
There are many factors that will decide the fate of the champion, and these include:
* The performance of the teams in the matches;
* The number of goals scored;
* The number and quality of yellow and red cards.
At the moment, the Red Devil squad is in a good shape, and there is no doubt that they will fight for a place in the top-4. The players are motivated, and so they want to win gold medals, because this is the only way to get to the Champions League. The Gunners have a long way to go, but at the moment they are in a very good shape.
Arsenal’s Prospects in the Next Season
The Gunners started the season very well, and at the beginning of the season they were the main contenders for the championship. However, after a few rounds they lost their shape and started to lose points.
Now the main thing for the team is to finish the season in the Champions league zone, because it is very difficult for them to get into the top four.
So far, the Gunner squad is very good, and even if they lose points in the match against Chelsea, they still have a chance to win. The coach has already shown his skills, and in the future he will try to win more points. He will also try to make the team stronger, because the club is very strong in the Premier league.
You can always follow the English Premier league table on our website, where all the data is updated in real time.
Main Intrigues of the Season
In this season, there are many interesting transfers that will affect the team’ situation in the next year.

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