Real Madrid news and transfers – Is Bale unhappy again?

The situation with Cristiano Ronaldo has become increasingly difficult for Real Madrid. The Portuguese is not the only one who is not happy with the club, but he is the most obvious one. The Madrid team has a very difficult season ahead, and it is very likely that the situation will not improve.
The club’s situation is very serious, because the situation is aggravated by the fact that the club”s main star is not playing.
However, the situation with Ronaldo is not as bad as it seems. The player is still able to play, but not in the way he used to. This is the reason why the situation in the team is not so serious.
It is worth noting that the player is not in good shape, and this is a clear sign that he needs to rest. However, the club does not have the funds to pay for the player to rest, and the situation continues to deteriorate.
Real Madrid’ situation is not very serious and it’ll be interesting to watch the game of the team in the future. The club has a good squad, and many players are able to demonstrate their maximum.

The main problem is that the team does not play in the Champions League, so it will not be able to show its maximum. This situation is a real problem for the club. The situation with the Portuguese is also very serious. The team needs to find a solution to this problem, because it is not able to compete with the leaders of the Old Continent.
This is why the club needs to strengthen the position of the main star. The main problem with the team now is that it does not show the maximum. The problem is not only with the Ronaldo, but also with other players.
In order to solve this problem and to demonstrate the maximum, the team needs a new leader. The current one is Bale.
Bale’ problems
Bales problem is very obvious, because he is not a very good player. He is not an excellent defender, but his main task is to score goals. This player has a lot of problems, because his game is not good enough.
He has not been able to establish a good relationship with the coach, and he often does not understand the instructions of the head coach. This problem is obvious, but the club has not yet managed to solve it.
Many fans and experts believe that the problem with Bale is that he is too emotional. The coach often uses him in the attack, but this player often misses the target.
Fans and experts also believe that Bale is not motivated enough, and that he does not want to play in this situation.
If you look at the statistics, you can see that he scored a lot in the first half of the season, but then he did not score a lot. This shows that he wants to score a goal, but does not always manage to do it. This will affect the results of the club in the long run.
As a result, the fans and analysts are saying that the problems with the player are obvious, and they will not allow him to show his maximum. However the club is not ready to give up, because there are still a lot to be done.
Main transfers for Real
The team needs some changes, because now it is much more difficult to compete against the leaders. The new season will bring a lot more interesting events, and fans and professionals will be able not only to watch games, but to follow the development of events on the field.
There are many transfers that will help the club to improve its position in the standings. The most obvious of them is the acquisition of Bale. The transfer of the player will allow the club not only improve its results, but will also help it to compete in the international arena.
Another transfer that will be very useful for the team and its fans is the signing of Isco. The Spanish player is a very interesting player, and his transfer will allow Real to strengthen its position.
At the same time, the coach will be allowed to give the players more freedom, because they will be playing in the Europa League.
Will the team be able compete in Europe?
The season will be extremely difficult for the Madrid team, because many of its rivals are much stronger than it. However it is worth mentioning that the current season is not that bad for the Old World team.
Despite the fact it has a rather weak squad, the Madrid club is able to win the Europa league, and even to reach the Champions league zone.
Of course, the main problem for Real is the fact the club will not have a good selection of players for the Champions club tournament. However this is not such a big problem, as the team will have a lot time to find its game.
Moreover, the current situation is also not that serious, so the team should be able at least to compete for the Europa club.
New season for the Spanish team
The current season of the Spanish club is very difficult for it, because Real Madrid has a number of problems. The first of them are the following:
1. The lack of motivation of the players. This can be seen not only in the results, which are not very good, but even in the fact they do not play well in the matches against weaker teams.

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